Daley’s Eight 9

After nearly two hours, just as Sophie had said, they heard the sound of the front door opening and the distant murmur of voices.

“Are you nervous?” Leo asked Rowan.

“No, should I be?” Rowan replied.

“Of course not. It’ll be great.”

After a minute, Sophie entered the kitchen. “Ms. Daley requests your presence in her bedroom.”

“Where’s that?” Rowan asked.

“I’ll take you,” Sophie said.

She reached out her hand and took his in hers and led him out the door.

“Remember the rules,” Leo said as his parting advice.

Rowan looked a little confused by Leo’s words, and as Sophie walked with him arm in arm through the hallways, she whispered very close to his ear in a way that was a sensual, flirtatious even, “You do whatever Ms. Daley tells you. You understand?” Her breath tickled his skin.

Sophie led him up the main stairs and down another hallway to the master bedroom at the end. She left him there, giving him a parting smile as she walked away and holding onto his hand until the last moment, as if she didn’t want to let go. He found her actions rather confusing and followed her with his eyes as she walked away.

Rowan was brought back to where he was when he heard the voice of a woman saying, “You can come in, Rowan.” The voice was a strong, harmonious contralto, smooth and clear.

He walked into the room and he saw Ms. Daley standing in front of a vanity looking at herself in the mirror while she removed a pair of earrings. She was a woman in her late forties. She wore a short, black dress tailored to her body. It was a firm, athletic body, with her strong legs exposed. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked at Rowan through the mirror, her dark eyes looking hungrily at him. Rowan saw the lines of age around her eyes and on her neck, but she still was beautiful, a woman that must have been irresistible when she was younger.

She took a necklace off her neck and placed it down on the vanity as she turned to him and said, “Pleased to finally really meet you. I’m Sara Daley. Can I tell you how handsome you look?”

“Thank you,” Rowan replied with a small blush.

“Did they prepare you?” she asked.

“For what?” Rowan asked.

Ms. Daley walked toward and leaned in to sniff at his neck so abruptly that it made Rowan flinch and almost move away. “No, you’ll have to shower first. Moving must have been quite an exertion.”

“You want me to shower?” Rowan asked. “Is that an order?”

Ms. Daley laughed a little. She said, pleased with the prospect of getting to order someone around, “Yes.”

She led the way to her bathroom. There was a large, deep bathtub in the corner with windows beside it looking out on the forests at night. And beside it was a shower enclosed by three glass walls.

“Here you are,” she said pointing to the shower. She reached inside and turned on the water to let it warm up.

Rowan thanked her and stood patiently. He was waiting for her to leave, but she remained.

“You can undress,” she said to him finally. “No, actually let me do it for you.”

Without permission she started to tug at his shirt, pulling it over his head. She smiled when she saw his chest and started undoing his belt. She pulled down his pants and noticing he had shoes, pulled those off too and promptly pulled off his underwear, taking all of his clothes and tossing them to the side.

Rowan was so embarrassed that he covered his crotch with both of his hands and partly turned away from her.

“Don’t be shy,” she laughed.

“Is that an order?” Rowan asked timidly.

Ms. Daley laughed even harder and said, “I suppose I can’t order you not to be shy. But I can order you to stop trying to hide yourself. How about this? I’m sure you’ll feel much more comfortable when I’m naked too.”

Ms. Daley pulled her dress up over her head to expose the black underwear she was wearing underneath, a lacy black bra and matching panties with a garter belt holding up a pair of black stockings. She slowly removed each piece of clothing, watching Rowan with a fixed and alluring stare as she did so.

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